TuxedoDemon Art

Please send an email to [email protected] to place an order. Include your character references, your PayPal email address, and a brief explanation of anything else that may be important to bringing the piece to life.

Thank you!

General Prices

Basic Icons$25
Detailed Icons$50
Full Body$100
Ref Sheet$125+
Add Background$150+


Basic Icons

Detailed Icons

Waist Ups

Full Bodies

Ref Sheets

The base price for ref sheets include 2 turns (front and back), a color swatch, basic information, and 1 detail close up.


The base price for backgrounds includes JUST the background. It does not include the character.

Animated Icons

Icon TypePrice



TuxedoDemon Art

Will Draw

  • original characters

  • fandom characters

  • characters from movies / shows / games / etc

  • furries

  • humans

  • dragons

  • humanoids

  • aliens

  • fat characters

  • skinny characters

  • drool

  • food

  • inflation

  • weight gain

  • hypno

  • blood and gore

Won't Draw

  • vehicles

  • sex / intercourse of any kind

  • robots (as in, zords, transformers, evangelion type characters that are heavily and obviously mechanical)

  • hyper

  • macro / micro

  • scat / watersports / farting / bodily functions

  • underage characters in sexual/fetishistic situations

  • rape / noncon

  • diapers

  • vore

  • transformation

  • genitals

  • racism / homophobia / transphobia

  • nazi soldiers / nazis

  • politically charged art

  • hate art

TuxedoDemon Art

Terms of Service

Artwork will be completed within 1-3 weeks after payment is made.

If a refund is requested before the first WIP (Work In Progress) is sent, you will receive 100% of the agreed upon payment. The agreed upon payment is the amount requested in the invoice and does not include any optional tips that may have been added by the client.

You will receive minimum 1 WIP for approval before the artwork is completed. If a refund is requested at this stage, you will receive 75% of the agreed upon payment.

If the WIP is approved, I will proceed with completing the artwork. If a refund is requested before the artwork is completed, you will receive a refund of 50%-25% of the agreed upon payment, depending on how near completion the artwork is at the time of requested refund.

Once artwork is completed, there will be no refund issued.

If edits are requested when the artwork is deemed completed, you may be charged extra, depending on how time consuming these edits will be. Please request edits at the WIP stage.

Tips are non-refundable. Extra funds requested as the result of edits desired by the client are non-refundable, and must be paid if I am to do the requested edits.

All communication is to be made through email. If you try to contact me about your commission elsewhere (social media, discord, etc) you may not get a timely response or a response at all, and our conversation may end up lost. Please keep things organized by communicating with me through email.

This is not a commercial contract. If you wish to use the artwork for commercial purposes (including merchandise, books, TV, YouTube, advertisements, etc.) a new contract must be drawn up. These are not commercial rates. Artwork is meant for personal use only.

Payment indicates that you agree to these terms. Thank you for reading.